Week Two

Well, it's my second week of having a blog, and while I didn't expect to have more followers than Stephen Fry straight away I am disappointed to note that I am nowhere near. Maybe need to lower my sights.
Had another good weekend on the bike. Rode down to Rockingham yesterday on the singlespeed, put some slick tyres on it to speed the process up a bit. Good road through Oakham and Uppingham, undulating enough to make ss hard work, difficult to build up any momentum on the downhills when one is spinning out at 25mph, so the uphills are always hard work.
Cheated a bit and travelled on to Birmingham in a car in the afternoon. Went out for a very nice meal in the evening, refuelled for today’s ride. Set out from Brum just before 9am, still a little bit of ice around. Went through Solihull to Meridan and Nuneaton to Hinkely. The ride through Leicester city centre is both unpleasant and unfortunately unavoidable, but the A607 through Melton and Waltham is another nice undulating road and then the last 20miles on the little country lanes is also rather pleasant.
What really surprised me is just how little difference there appeared to be between a conventional road bike and a singlespeed mountain-bike, albeit with slick tyres, only around 40 minutes over 90 miles. Even overtook a couple of road bikes on the way, both of the riders looked quite surprised, although one of them did make the effort to try to sit on wheel for a while.

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