Just Riding Around

Had a good couple of weeks training. Got out on the road bike last weekend when we had all the wind, first time I've ridden the road bike since November, been using the singlespeed to get around on due to the snow and the fact that it takes almost no maintenance when the weather is rubbish.
Anyway, had a good trip up to Sleaford then to Newark and through Southwell and along the banks of the Trent to Rufford for a refuel at the cafe in the old abbey. The return trip was considerably easier as we had the wind behind us, I'd forgotten just how much fun a road bike can be on occasions, flying along at 25mph with no real effort and giving it some welly on the hills to keep the speed up, although having had a head wind for so long on there the overall average was pretty poor, 107 miles in 6hr35. Rufford is just around the corner from Sherwood Pines but I've discovered that it may not be a good idea to ride there and then race, the journey home would be interesting!
The week was the usual mix of commuting on the bike, coming home by a variety of long routes to get a couple more hours in, not a good idea to do the long route on the way to work as I'm invariably late anyway.
I've started using some weights recently on my lunchtime runs, only around 4-5Lbs on each wrist but I'm starting to feel a difference already. Any long, technical DH section and my shoulders and forearms were hurting a bit by the bottom, hoping this will make a bit of difference. I'll find out shortly, got a trip to Innerleithen planned next month, some technical training before the season starts. I always get a few funny looks from the proper downhillers though, riding up the uplift route on a decade old bike with big tyres and some really old elastomer-sprung triple-clamp forks, RST HI-5s, properly retro. I think seeing me riding the DH course with a 'normal' helmet and spds confuses them somewhat too.

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