I'm Off!

This is the first of a series of short posts, the intention is to do one a day in the week before the 24hr World Championship on how the final preparations are going. There may be a delay in actually putting them up here as I don’t know how easily I’ll be able to find internet connections while I’m travelling. I'm flying Sydney, changing in Hong Kong, and then hiring a camper van and driving down to the racetrack at Mt Stromlo near Canberra.

Saturday October 5th was spent doing some last minute packing and then driving down to Heathrow. The journey was surprisingly easy, the M25 was unusually clear. Anyone who has ever flown with a  bike will know how much of a pain it is, I had found a way of getting two to this race but it wasn’t easier. I was right on the weight limit too, and that’s with two pretty light XC bikes, I have no idea how the DH riders manage to travel. (Mt Zoom; Helping you just keep under airline baggage limits since 2006)

That's a lot of stuff to get through the airline baggage system...
 Checking in had been a doddle and the flight left on time. I’m not a fan of big aeroplanes though, especially taking off and landing in them. I feel uncomfortable in any aircraft which has the door shut, or indeed ones which have a door to shut, and they won’t let you peer over the pilot’s shoulder to see what’s going on. As I’m sure the poor girl sat next to me can testify I talk too much when nervous. I was fine once we were up though and I managed to get a bit of sleep.

3 flights to Hong Kong, 2 to Sydney

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