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Also included is the archive from my blog on the old Columbia-Bikefood team website, this was moved across to here in December 2011. My old team-mate Tom Ward has done the same, click on the 'Other Blogs' page to find the link to his new site, along with a few others which I enjoy reading.

Twenty-Three And A Bit Hours In A Field

Three Days, Nine Countries, One Long Drive

When Crasher Met Doris

I Like Shiny Things

It's That Time Of Year Again

Relentless - Living Up To It's Name

Winter Training Run (A Run The Winter I Really Should Have Trained For...)

Stories From Ages Ago - My First Ever 24

One Big Lap In One Little Gear

The Right Tools For The Bodge

That Was Harder Than I Was Expecting...

Il Anno Duemila E Quindici Ventiquattro Ore Campionato Di Europa - Finale Ligure.

What's Up Doc?

Stories From Last Summer - 2014 Manx 100

Something Exciting To Torq About

It's Not A Bike Race Without A Van Incident

My First Product Review - Exposure TraceR

Guest Writer - Richard Horton. WCA 12hr Time Trial

How It All Went Wrong

Broken Bikes, Bruised Bodies And Bottled Beer

Stories From The Summer - National 24hr Time Trial

Megavalanche - The Whole Soggy Saga

2014 Egg Throwing World Championship

The Wet Highland Way Race

Megavalance Race Day

Saturday Muddy Saturday

Megavalanche Qualifying

More Of The Same, But With Added Snow

Still Raining

Is This The Most Glamorous MTB Race In The World?

All The Gear But No Idea

Snow At 30 Degrees

That French Race Which Everyone Is Talking

Sun, Sea, Scorpions And Smashed Sumps

XCRacer - On Tour: Day Six, Nearly Enough Tent Pegs

XCRacer - On Tour: Day Five, Starting To Get Excited

XCRacer - On Tour: Day Four, Hatching A Plan

XCRacer - On Tour: Day Three, Dropping Like Flies

XCRacer - On Tour: Day Two, French Motorways

XCRacer - On Tour

The Big Night Out

Tan-Lines (Good) Line Choices (Bad)

This Week I Have Mostly Been Doing

↓Shameless Plug↓

Welsh Sunshine - Margam Madness

Find A Gear You Like And Stick With It

This Is Not A Race Report

Beginners Guide To Trailside Bodging - Drivetrain

Start Big, And Work Up From There

24 Hour European Championship 2014

Top Tips For A Tip-Top 24

24 Hour World Championship 2014

My 15 Minutes Of Fame

Eating For 24hrs

I Need The Other Rear Wheel And A Piece Of Cutlery

T Minus 1

T Minus 2

T Minus 3

Unexpected Race


Hong Kong

I'm Off!

For My Birthday I Got Some Candlesticks

Winter Sports In The Summer

You Wait All Year For A Win

Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Middle

Tough Weekend - Sunday

Tough Weekend - Saturday

You Don't Need To Lead Much Of The Race As Long As You Lead The Right Bit

Isle Of Man Summer Series - Round One

The Manx 100-And-A-Bit

I Have Waited 14 Months For This Moment

Other People Who Have Done Rather Well

Whinlatter 2013 - Not Quite As Dry As We Had Hoped

2013 Kielder 100 - Cancelled

The Hare And The Imaginary Tortoise

Winter Training - Not On A Bike

Winter Training - On The Wrong Bike

Winter Training - On The Right Bike

2013 National Marathon Championship

2012 Overview

A Twice In A Lifetime Experience

2013 Already!

Tour Of Ben Nevis

Another Post To Say Thankyou To Some Very Helpful People

I've Won Something

The Championship Decider - Kielder 100

Gorrick 12 Hour: Torq In Your Sleep

Big Dogging Down Brighton Way

I've Been Road Racing - National 12 Hour

Classic Weekender

A Couple Of Thank-Yous

Transvesubienne - The Race

Transvesubienne - Prologue

24hr World Champs 2012

Gorrick 100

I'm Off!

European 24hr Championship

Whinlatter - I Almost Did Very Well

Midland Series Round 2

Tybed os gall unrhyw un ddarlien hwn

Even If You Win The Rat Race You Are Still A Rat

29 February - An Extra Day, And The First Podium Of The Year

Ben Is Going To Be On The Telly

Cupar 5

Midland Series Round 1

My Bike Is In Ruins

Running The Rauceby Ripper


A Big Thank-You To Robin At Evans

2011 Overview

How Not To Prepare For A Race

Well Done Ben (And Others!)

Good Luck To All At The 'Puffer

Mending A Carbon Frame

Exciting Sponsor News Part Two

24 Hour World Championships 2012

Exciting Sponsor News

Crash Of The year 2011

I Have Found Something Brighter than A Hardnutz Helmet! No, Really I Have



And God Said "Let there Be Light"

First Win Of The Year

BMBS Round 5

Road Racing

Killer Keilder

Lots Of Boring Numbers

Showing Ann My Shiny Bits

National XC Championship

Some Results


BMBS Round 3

And Now For Something Completely Different

Last Week

Midland Series Round 2

Bit Of A Cheeky Post

Full Suss Ready

24hr European Championship 2011

The Week Before The 24

Whole Bike

Time trials, Award Nominations And Another Trophy!

Still Teasing

Not Quite A World Cup

Just Teasing

More Riding Bikes

All A Bit Of A Blur

First Race

Scotland Trip

Just Riding Around

Week Two

First Post

24 Hour World Championship 2010

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