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Well this is all very exciting, me having a blog. Not sure what people write on these things so I'll just make it up as I go along. Just a test post really, took me two days to work out how to log on to it! Not expecting to beat Stephen Fry straightaway obviously, but give it a month or so and we'll see how I'm getting on.
Had a good day yesterday, despite the early morning and the drizzle. Took the road bike out for a spin with my old road club, first time on a road bike for a while and it felt a little peculiar, actually first time on a geared bike since all the snow.
Had a good ride in and around the Vale of Belvoir, what we in this part of the world call a hilly ride. [Top tip number 1 - why does no-one else take a dry base layer to put on at the cafe stop? I was the only warm and dry person when we set off again] The ride back was great fun, if somewhat hard, we just got faster and faster, coming over all competitive, big ring and 30mph on the flats. I had a fair few miles on the clock when got back, so I carried on for a while on my own just to bring up the nice round 100 miles, my first centaury since the Christmas man-flu. Need a few more under my belt before the first 24hr of the year, the National Champs on the first weekend of May.
The important thing I learned on the ride was that the Bikefood really does do what it says on the tin (or bag). Having not used Bikefood before I thought the ride would be a good opportunity to test it before I needed to use it in anger. Despite the rubbish weather and the speeds I felt absolutely fine at the end, still pushing quite hard and feeling like I could have carried on, so something was obviously working. However, I timed it to perfection and called it a day about 10 minutes before the heavens really opened.
Hope that wasn't too dull for you all. I'll try and get some pictures or something up here soon, brighten things up a bit. Just need to work out how this website thingy works, can't be that hard...

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