New Team For The World Champ

For reasons which I really don’t understand the decision by the reigning 24hr Singlespeed World Champion, Steve Day, to move from his long-term home at Singular to a new team at TraversBikes seems to have generated much less media attention than Sebastian Vettel’s move from Red Bull to Ferrari did a couple of years ago. So, just in case any of you have missed it, here’s his press statement:

After an amazing couple of years flying the Singular Cycles flag while racing and having fun, and achieving some massive goals along the way, I have picked up a new frame sponsor by the name of I am so excited about the new kit that has arrived and photo's will start appearing as the build gets underway... hopefully in time for Tide2Tide.
A BIG thanks has to go to
Sam Alison for his support over the last couple of years, and especially his assistance with getting me sorted with local help and extra kit for my WEMBO-16 trip to New Zealand. Without this the whole trip would have been a lot more stressful.
The Travers RussTi will be shod with a pair of
Lauf Forks for the long distance races. Coming highly recommended by Mr Travers, and weighing almost nothing. Again, something I am really looking forward to putting through their paces over the next couple of months. A huge thanks to the nice men in Iceland for getting these to me so quickly.
Finally, I am also proud to now be supported by
Jersey Pocket Nutrition who will be helping me with my energy products. A great UK company who make some awesome products down in Devon. Thanks to Marc Baker for putting me in touch with these guys.

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