Exciting Sponsor News

This year the team with whom I was racing were generously supported by the lovely folks at Mt Zoom, purveyors of fine lightweight bike components and I am delighted to announce that they will be continuing to support me next season as I venture off alone into the big wide world.
Readers who have been with me a while may be familiar with some of their gadgets, such as the rather nice ceramic SpeedWheels 

I know a significant portion of my readership are of the road cycling persuasion so you may may interested to note that they are branching out with gadgets and gizmos for you guys too, watch out for one these aero-bottles on my bike at the Early Hilly.

It may only be worth a second per mile over a conventional bottle but when the races are as close as last year that can be the difference between first and fifth, and with the speed you lot are going I need all the help I can get!

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