Hong Kong

Sunday October 6th  

This day didn’t really happen for me, crossing so many time zones meant that I missed most of it. The bit of Sunday I do remember was the stopover in Hong Kong for the plane to refuel. 11½hrs is a long time to be sitting and it was nice to be able to get up and walk around.


I know Carole, my helper, will have Union Jacks on everything. I’m sure she would be delighted
to see that they even painted the plane for me. She will fly out later, joining me on Friday.
The next take off was better, it’s amazing how quickly one gets used to these things, still a little nervous but not as bad. I saw my second sunrise in about 10hrs as we crossed from Queensland into New South Wales. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as the one over China, but I didn’t have a camera to hand for that one. It’s a shame, it was really spectacular. The sky below us was solid clouds, but the first third or so from the horizon towards us was glowing bright red, with the bright blue skies above it.

Yes, it's another photograph of a wing. I've not had much else to
look at lately...
 I got a little more sleep on this flight, but not as much as I would have liked.

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