Monday October 7th.

I arrived in Sydney just after 7am. The airport was a lot busier than it was last time I was here and it took about an hour and half to collect the bikes and then get through immigration and customs. I took a taxi over to the camper van depot and collected what would be both my transport and my accommodation for the next three weeks.

Arrived in Sydney
I really didn’t feel like jumping straight into the van and hitting the motorway, I needed to do something to relax first so I headed instead for Bondi beach. Last time I had been in Sydney I had been to the Manly Surf School and had really enjoyed it, but for the sake of variety I thought I would try Bondi this time. It was bright and sunny with some decent waves, although the wind made it a little chilly.

[overheard conversation] was 25 degrees in Adelaide yesterday.

Yeah, but it’s always cold in Adelaide

‘A little chilly’ is a relative term in Oz...

Anyway, the surfing was a lot of fun, although it is another sport at which I am completely useless. I did manage to stand up a couple of times, it’s a huge sense of achievement when I get it right.

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