A Twice In A Lifetime Experience

I have just confirmed my entry for this year’s 24hr World Championship. This will be held at Mt. Stromlo, Australia, in October.
The calm before the storm.
The bikes awaiting the arrival of the riders in the traditional 'Le Mans'
style running start. Picture from the 2010 World championship

It is of course the same venue which hosted the 2010 World Championship and I am delighted to be making the return visit. It is a real pain to get to but well worth the effort. I had always thought that 2010 trip would be a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience but I am rather pleased to have been proved wrong.

6am in the 2010 World Championship.
The sun is up, the temperature is rising again and I am still awake. Just.
The large tented village below is the pits area.

And finally a gratuitous shot of Seven Mile Beach, which as the name suggests is about seven miles long. I had the place to myself when I went for a swim. I had to get out after a couple of hours as the water was getting too warm. As nice as South Wales is the new one is a definite improvement!

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