XCRacer - On Tour: Day Five, Starting To Get Excited

It was pretty cloudy when we got up this morning, even a spot or two of rain in the air, but that didn’t last and it was soon shorts weather again, which is good, I really need to work on my tan lines.

I headed out for a couple of practice laps late morning. These serve mostly to familiarise myself with the course, the braking points, the lines through the techy sections and where the grip is on the two hard climbs. They also serve as an opportunity to try a few new things and today we were trying a new way for me to carry food during the race, this seemed to be a success. 

 Nice little trail across the hillside

The venue itself is really starting to take shape now, the main stage is up in the arena along with all the marquees for the timing systems and suchlike. The other teams are starting to arrive too, plenty of Germans and Swiss here already being typically well organised.

We went into town in the late afternoon to get a few essentials, a rim-strip, some more gels without caffeine in and as much food as we could fit into the van. We returned to the campsite and fired up the BBQ, a very pleasant end to the day. 

Another view from the track

It must have been surprisingly tiring because I am laying in bed struggling to keep awake as I write this, hopefully you are not struggling to keep awake as you read it. I know it’s not a terribly exciting read but the exciting bit starts at noon on Friday, 11am British time. I will hopefully post one more update before then, if I get chance to write it and if the wifi connection will stay up long enough to actually post it.

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