Well this is all very exciting. As I am sure some of you know I have been writing for XCRacer for the last few months but I am now delighted to announce that it has been made all official and I will be a member of the team for the 2014 season.

The details of all of the team riders can be found on their website.I know most of the team already, and am really looking forward to working with them, they are all thoroughly nice people. There are also a couple of new (to me) faces, Katie and Paddy, let’s hope they don’t show me up by beating me too often!

Along with a new team come a variety of sponsors, old and new. Scimitar clothing have the title role (oddly enough the full team name is XCRacer/Scimitar).We will also have excellent support in the vital area of food and drink from the lovely chaps at Accelerade, and I am very pleased to be able to continue my association with Mt Zoom, I have been with them since 2011 and have been using a variety of their gadgets and gizmos both on and off the road. And last but no means least we have Exposure Lights, watch out for them at the European and World 24hrs and the Gorrick 12hrs.


However, as always with exciting new things something has to give and so it is after three years I have to say a fond farewell to Dave and co at Bikefood. Thanks again guys, I really wouldn’t be where I am now without you.

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