Start Big, And Work Up From There

I have never done a Downhill Race before, and have always quite fancied the idea of trying one.

Anyone there still attached to their bike?

I have therefore thrown myself in at the deep end and entered the Megavelanche. I know quite a few readers on here are roadies and may not have heard of it, so a brief explanation:
It starts at the top of Pic Blanc, 10,800ft above sea level and then plummets down the glacier towards the valley of Allemont, finishing 18 miles and 8,500 vertical feet later on the valley floor. While the top section is a glacier the lower section is composed mainly of rock and, from what I’ve seen, looks rather good fun.

It does have one important difference from most Downhill races, apart from the glacier obviously. It’s a mass start. What could possibly go wrong?

Excellent video from the 2013 race. 
Not sure why it's given us Sam D as the cover picture though.

With the sum total of my DH experience to date being the prologue of the 2012 Transvesubienne and a couple of timed runs down the quarry at the Classic Weekender, neither of which really count, my target for this is simply to survive qualifying without hurting myself and get into the main race.
Practice sessions are from 7-11 July, qualifying 12 July and the race is on 13 July.

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