T Minus 3

Wednesday October 9th

I had a bit of a lie-in this morning, my sleep pattern is still a little odd. The other thing which is a little odd is the fact that I have been getting nosebleeds at random intervals ever since I left Hong Kong. I wonder if I have acquired an exotic tropical disease?

I rode three laps of the course today, taking about 3 minutes off my lap time on each circuit, the last one was about 53 minutes, but I’m sure I can go faster in the race. There seems to be a lot more up than down, but the down bits are a lot of fun.


It is very rocky, with a covering of very small loose stones, making finding grip interesting to say the least. The big feature though is the dust, it is everywhere, everything is covered, there is no escaping it. However, it is infinitely preferable to the mud we have become used to at home. An air-compressor seems to be the favoured method of cleaning bikes, much better than the jet-washes I’m familiar with.

New South Wales bush fire report from Radio RN: currently there are 59 fires across the state. 34 of these are under control.

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