Another Post To Say Thankyou To Some Very Helpful People

This is just a quick post to say thank-you to the helpful guys and girls at Magura. My usually reliable Durin forks developed a leak in the damping cartridge in the lower part of the right leg. At the time I discovered the problem I just happened to be camping with Chris, Nico and Anna from the Magura team, that’s a whole other, very long, story. They spent some considerable time helping me strip the forks down to discover exactly what the problem was and eventually managed to track it down, thanks again guys. Unfortunately I’m still using the old version from way back in the midst of time, a 2009 model, and the team were only carrying spares for the new version.

Upon returning to the UK I ran into Mike from RaceMechanic at the National XC Championships. He was also extremely helpful and quickly sorted me out with the correct part, which was a doddle to fit.

That is all there is to replacing a damping cartridge,
it really is that simple.
The Magura chaps, Mike in particular, have been very helpful in the past. A note for the rather unhelpful people at Silverfish, being nice does pay. As they were so helpful last time I now have two pairs of Magura forks.

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