I've Won Something

I have just found out that I have won something, makes a bit of a change this year. Oddly enough it was a road racing championship.

As you will probably have read on here a few months ago I raced at the National 12hr near York. It has just been confirmed to me that this was the best performance by a Lincolnshire rider all season and so I have won the Lincolnshire Road Racing Association’s 12hr Championship.

I won the handicap race as well as the scratch race, but due to the ‘one man, one prize’ rule I will only be awarded the trophy for the scratch race, Trevor Halstead getting the handicap prize instead. Always nice to get a trophy though.

The entry system for road racing remains a complete mystery to me and despite getting mine sent off well inside the deadline I wasn’t given a place at the 100mile race in Derby. It was the last 100 miler of the year and so by not doing it I can’t win the Best All Rounder title. I am quite cross about that.

I won't get given the trophy itself until the LRRA dinner in January so in the mean time here's a picture of the LRRA 50mile Team trophy, it will look something like this, real silver too, hallmarked and everything. Ian Pike, Dave Smith and myself won this 50mile one in 2011. To be fair Ian did most of the work...

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