Hello and welcome to my little website.

I have been racing bikes for twenty years (that makes me feel really old!) and after a decade of coming last in a wide variety of short events finally found my niche, Solo 24 Hour racing. This is my story.

I don't race for any big teams (although if Mr Santa Cruz is reading this I am very much open to offers) but I have been helped by the lovely people at Mt Zoom since 2011 and have been using a variety of their gadgets and gizmos both on and off the road. I am a weightweenie at heart and do tend to get rather excited whenever a new shiny thing arrives. 


Where did the name Crasher come from? As I am sure some of you know once you have a nickname you are stuck with it. When I first started riding road bikes, back in 2003, I was riding them like I would ride my mountain-bike, going into corners far too fast and generally throwing them around. However, it quickly became apparent that one cannot do this all the time and expect to remain upright and so Gavin christened me Crasher, a name which has stuck ever since. I do have the occasional mishap which seems to reinforce this association in people's minds - not just on the bike, there's a few van ones here, but since I am "Crasher" they do seem to get noticed more than they would for most people...

Contact me at andythecrasher@yahoo.co.uk