My 15 Minutes Of Fame

It’s been a little quiet lately on the news front, as far as racing goes anyway, there’s never much going on at this time of year. I have mainly been spending the winter riding my road bike. I’m sure you don’t want to hear about me just wandering around the local countryside but I have done a couple of new things.

It never ceases to amaze me how many interesting places racing bikes has taken me to, places I would never otherwise have gone. I am fortunate enough to have been everywhere from remote and windswept Scottish mountain tops to dinner at the High Commissioner’s residence in Canberra, and from Medieval castles high in the Italian Alps to the tunnels under French seaside towns, a bike really does open doors and let you see the world.

This week I had my first trip to a radio studio, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, to talk about the World Championship, which was quite exciting, I’ve never been on the radio before. In common with a lot of people I don’t like speaking in public and was a little nervous, certainly in the first half but the second part went better. I was just thrown in at the deep end, not really any chance to prepare but I still enjoyed it, I wonder if they’ll invite me back after next year’s race? (this year’s race, it really is 2014 already! – Ed)

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