I'm Off!

I shall be departing on Sunday, getting the ferry over to France and then heading down to the Riviera and along to Finale Ligure. I should be arriving there on Wednesday or Thursday next week in time to have a look at the course before the Worlds on Saturday and Sunday.
I will be away for around three weeks so there probably won't be any posts on here for a while, I've not figured out how to get the internet working while I'm on the move. The fact that I've managed to make this website at all is something of an achievement for me! Anyway, I shall return with some stories written about the Worlds, the Transubvienne and maybe even the Gorrick 100. Probably not Dalby though, the less said about that one the better. I might sit on the beach and do some writing in the week between the two races, there's only so much surfing one can do. Either that or pop down to Monaco, see if I can spot some F1 cars. It's a tough old life.

Anyway, thought you would all like to see what it's like where I'm going.
This is the forecast for Nice (it is rather)

and this is Edinburgh

I'll be thinking of you all.

Back next month.

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