Well Done Ben (And Others!)

I wouldn't normally post other people's results here but I think this deserves a special mention.
I don't know how many of you have seen the results from the 'Puffer yet, but it was won in convincing style by
56 Combined, a team comprising Francis Webb, Callum Magowan, Harry Johnston and Ben Forsyth. Ben was of course my pit-crew manager for the World Champs in Australia and it is great to see him take the win at what is widely regarded as one of the toughest races on the calendar. The team completed 33 laps in 24:08:02 with the nearest rivals, Alpine Bikes, completing 32 laps in 24:19:10, only four minutes ahead of MF, the Belgian team in third place.

Course map, not covered in it's usual blanket of snow. (click to make bigger) Whoever thought holding a 24hr race in Northern Scotland in January was a good idea needs their head looking at...

Those of you north of the border will be able to watch the race on The Adventure Show on BBC2, those of you down south will be able to find it on the i-player shortly afterwards.

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