The Week Before The 24

Still not feeling 100% due to the cold I had last week, I decided that I would go out for the club road ride, but would take it easy. This didn't quite go according to plan, it was a lovely day, warm and sunny, although very windy, gusting up to 45mph. As a result I got a bit carried away, and it was 100.17 miles and 5hrs42min later when I arrived home.

Being a bank holiday and sunny I decided to make the most of the day and took Richard up on his offer of a trip to Sherwood. I took the singlespeed out for a spin. Richard was on a rather nice carbon race bike, with exotic things like gears and suspension, so I had a rather good workout trying to keep up with him. We even found a couple of new tracks in a place I thought I knew like the back of my hand. Ride time, around 3½ hours.

Rode to work, always go the short way as I'm usually late. Took the road bike as the weather was nice and the singlespeed was still in 'off-road' mode. 8 miles in just under 25 minutes. went for a run at lunchtime, to the only hill of any size within miles of my house and spent 40 minutes doing hill reps, using my wrist weights makes that especially hard work. Rode home from work by a slightly longer route, 20 miles in just over an hour. Decided to rest a bit for the weekend and so missed Tuesday night circuits and had an evening in the garage instead, getting the bikes ready.

Same ride as yesterday for the commute to work. The run at lunchtime was a flat 10k at a quick pace, not race-speed, but reasonably quick, 38 minutes. Rode home via the same route as yesterday, and again had an evening in the garage wielding the spanners.

Only one session today, a short, hard one. I did the local 10 mile time-trial in the evening. Seemed to be lacking in outright speed, I'm going to blame the remnants of my cold. The course has a couple of small hills and some tight bends, a bit more interesting than the usual drag-strip type. I finished joint 4th with Richard in just over 24 minutes.

Rest day. Well, as restful as a 300mile drive can be.

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