Time Trials, Award Nominations And Another Trophy!

I've been doing some more time-trials recently, with varied results.
The previous one was as part of a combined event with a local running club, Sleaford Striders, which involved, rather unsurprisingly, them running and us riding. It was a nicely undulating course with a couple of tight corners, a there-and-back course with a roundabout at the turn, 7.75 miles in 17mins59secs which was good enough for third spot and an unexpected trophy, always a welcome surprise.
Today's event was somewhat less successful. I've had a bit of a summer cold for the last few days, even missed circuit training on Tuesday evening, so I wasn't feeling great. I have discovered that it is pretty much impossible to blow one's nose when wearing an aero-helmet with a wrap-around visor. It was on an extended version of the course above with an additional climb and descent making 10 miles. It was considerably windier than last time, I had to take the four-spoke off the front as it was making steering a bit tricky and swap to a deep-section. Little bit disappointed to only come 7th, but I'm going to blame the cold for that.
I've also been nominated for a couple of awards in the local paper (thanks Kath) as a result of the 24hr World Champs in Australia last October, Sportsman of the Year and Special Award for Sporting Endeavour, even got my picture in the paper too. Don't know when the results will be announced but I'll obviously let you all know if I do win anything.

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