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Sunday was the first 10 mile time-trial of the year. I always say these are just training rides but of course come over all competitive as soon as I have a number on my back. It was on the Quarrington to Osbournby course for those of you that know it, nicely undulating and with a few sharp bends so it's not the fastest course but more fun than the drag strip type. It was a nice warm day with just the right amount of breeze. a 10 mile is too short to pace oneself really, which is why I think they always feel quite hard. Anyway, everything well, I felt fast and kept a reasonable average speed, mostly doing around 26-27mph. I broke the 30 mph speed limit in Osbournby village on the return leg, always the target. It's not the quickest part of the course but it does feel good to get passed the limit. However, I was down to 18-19 mph on some of the uphill sections so my time in the end was 0:24:14, good enough for 4th which I was quite happy with but around a minute slower than I was this time last year before my back injury, still got some work to do.
Took the road bike out for a spin following the race, a nice steady ride of 30 miles or so but could feel the results of the morning's efforts in my thighs. I was rather alarmed to discover when I got home that what I thought had been a slightly soft front tyre had in fact been a very flexible handle bar! One side solid as a rock, the other flexing like crazy. Now I thought about it the creaking had stopped... Time for a new set of bars, not risking riding that, it's a big crash if they snap with one's weight over the front of the bike.
Had really tough session on Tuesday, met a few friends for some circuits, a 5 miles loop we do a few laps of. Now the clocks have changed and the weather improved the posh carbon road bikes are making their appearance. However, I was on my singlespeed again, one gear and totally unsuitable tyres. 2 hours at 19-20mph doesn't sound hard, but when one is stuck in 32-12 and spinning at 8,500rpm trying to keep up it is very hard work! Absolutely knackered when we finished, which made the 12 miles home rather slower than usual.
Another 10 mile time trial tonight, on the same course, just a training session, I won't over-do it. Honest.

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