Lots Of Boring Numbers

I have had a lot of people lately asking what I have been doing in the run up to Keilder. So I am going to put a post up here with my training since the National Championships on it and keep updating it in the run up to the race. Lots of numbers and other boring things but hopefully some of you will find it useful.
I took a week off after the Nationals for a lovely holiday on the Welsh coast, think I needed the rest!
16 July Race practice 1hr23.
17 July National XC Championships 1hr46
18 July Rest day
19 July Surfing, body-boarding and generally messing about in the water 2hr
20 July Surfing, body-boarding and generally messing about in the water 2hr
21 July Run 1hr19
22 July Surfing, body-boarding and generally messing about in the water 1h
23 July Rest day
24 July Road bike 100.12 miles 5hr43
25 July Road bike 18.27 miles 1hr03 Run 0hr29
This was not a good day. 15 minutes into my run my right knee gave way and I had to hobble slowly back to where I had started. I could walk OK, and ride a bike, although there was a bit of pain on the climbs which lasted a week or so. Anyway, I stopped my usual runs for a while.
26 July Road bike 17.62 miles 1hr00
27 July Road bike 15.20 miles 0hr51
28 July 10 Mile Time Trial, 302ft of ascent, 0:23:48
29 July Road bike 18.34 miles 1hr02
30 July Road bike 32.44 miles 1hr41
31 July Road bike 101.57 miles 5hr43
1 August Road bike 25.38 miles 1hr24
2 August Road bike 26.88 miles 1hr29
3 August Road bike 15.74 miles 0hr51
4 August 10 Mile Time Trial, 302ft of ascent, 0:23:26
5 August Road bike 25.36 miles 1r19
6 August Road bike 100.64 miles 5hr50
7 August Road bike 102.99 miles 5hr36
8 August Road bike 20.25 miles 1hr09 Run 0hr38
9 August Road bike 55.29 miles 3hr06
10 August Road bike 20.23 miles 1hr08 Run 0hr35
11 August 10 Mile Time Trial, 302ft of ascent, 0:23:33
12 August Road bike 18.62 miles 0hr58 Run 0hr34
13 August XC bike Malvern Hills 1hr37 Road bike 20.55 miles 1hr01
14 August XC bike Cannock Chase 2hr33
15 August Road bike 21.68 miles 1hr13 Run 0hr34
16 August Road bike 50.13 miles 2hr37 Run 0hr33
17 August Road bike 25.51 miles 1hr22 Run 0hr35
18 August 7.75 Mile Time Trial, 269ft of ascent, 0:17:55
19 August Road bike 24.60 miles 1hr21 Run 0hr30
20 August Road bike 102.39 miles 5hr50
21 August Road bike 100.27 miles 5hr43
I’m feeling pretty good at the moment, other than a slight pain which has returned to my right knee, so having another day off running.
The plan is to do 25-30 miles a day at 19-20mph on the road bike Monday and Wednesday this week, a longer 60 mile ride on Tuesday at the same pace, a time trial on Thursday and then a bit of rest on Friday, just a relaxed swim. Saturday will be at Wharncliffe woods with the big bike and then a road ride in the Peaks on Saturday. That will be pretty much it then, resting next week, only using the bike for commuting. I will do the Thursday night time-trail as my last short, fast session and then head up to Keilder on the Friday.
If Matt is reading this can I request sunshine on 3 September please, and lots of it.
PS There is a video somewhere of me falling off Sparrow’s rollers (twice…) Before this makes it’s appearance on Youtube/Facebook/You’ve Been Framed I would like to point out that this was my first time on a set of rollers and they are not as easy as they look!

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