And God Said "Let There Be Light"

And God Said, "Let There Be Light" And There Was Light. And God Saw The Light And It Was Good. And God Divided The Light From The Darkness.
And The Man From FullBeam Said "No. We Need More Light Than That." And He Created The X12. And The Man From FullBeam Saw The X12 And It Was Better. And There Was No More Darkness.
I don't know if any of you have seen this yet, but the X12 officially goes on sale today. We are all really excited about it, partly because we love gadgets, but mostly for the sheer amount of light this thing chucks out.
For the purposes of comparison, a typical car headlight will produce 1,500-2,000 lumens. The Night-Nemesis light we were using last season produced 2,800 lumens (and we thought that was a lot!)
The new Night-Nemesis X12 produces 4,500 lumens. No, that's no a mis-print.

We have yet to try it for real but keep an eye out for it (like you could miss something that bright!) next season at the UK & European 24hr Championships (7-8 April, Newcastleton, Scottish Borders) and at the World 24hr Championships (19-20 May, Finale Ligure, Italy)

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