With thanks to

The source of all knowledge for competitive XC and Enduro events

Bespoke team kits

Lightweight bike components
Light (in both senses of the word) lights
Drinks and everything else I need to keep me going

Everything Else

24hr Solo World Championships
2012 Italy
2013 Australia
2014 Scotland
2015 California
2016 New Zealand
2017 Italy

2013 24hr Solo World Championships October 12-13, Mt. Stromlo, Australia

2013 European & UK National 24hr Championships
        May 11-12, Wasing, England

 My local road club

 Their sponsors

                My running club

A bike shop for all things for (road!) bikes. Neil is the only other person I trust to touch my bike. He is a very good wheel-builder, something which unfortunately remains a black art to me.

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